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Richmond Internal Medicine  Group P.C was founded by three partners Javier Chacon, MD, Paolo G Perrone, MD and Ramy Hanna, MD with the goal of  providing   up to date and personal primary healthcare services to our community


For more than ten years RIMG has been strongly in favor of a close doctor-patient relationship. This helps us to work with patients, to prevent, diagnose and treat disease, and to provide information and support to patients that can lead them to live healthy lives, as they make medical decisions that are appropriate for them as individuals.


Richmond Internal Medicine is committed to practice medicine at the highest standards, contribute to health and well-being of our patients by providing the best care and developing long lasting relationships with our patients and family members.


Meet the health needs of the people of Staten Island and its surrounding communities by providing high quality, unparalleled service and comprehensive care to all our patients and family members.


Do you need a doctor ?

Richmond Internal Medicine Group will help you today

Give us a call and our dedicated team will find the nearest appointment that fits your schedule 

Paying your copay co-insurance or your deductible is now easy and fast just click on the pay pal button and pay your  bill online 

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